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Jupiter Branch

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me as I hope through our future business endeavors; we will get to learn more about one another. I am proud to say I’m celebrating my 14th anniversary of entering the lending and finance consulting world. Born in Brooklyn, NY and having spent 11 years in New York, I credit my foundation in good business, morals and family values from my time spent growing up in New York as well as my very tight knit family. I moved to Florida at the age of 11 and have lived in South Florida ever since.

Social Survey Land Home Financial Reviews In 2016, my team and I joined Land Home Financial Services, with our overall goal being to lend my experience in lending and consulting to growing the company. Our business philosophies and motto’s were mirror images of one another: helping people with the most difficult and emotional decisions of their lives. Our mission has always been “trustworthy and individualized services of a locally owned company while delivering the expertise and cost benefits of the largest wholesale lenders.”

We look forward to hearing your story…

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Less than 2 years after having our first home mortgage completed by Vinny and the Land Home team, we completed our Re-fi. The process was not only quick and easy, but we got a lower interest rate, savings on our monthly mortgage payment, and money back from escrow! It was a perfect process and we are thankful to Vinny and the team!

— Valerie M.

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Vinnie was amazing, polite, and knowledgeable. He was very easy to work with and helped us in any way we needed. I would absolutely refer him for home loans to anyone in the future!”

— Paul E.

social survey Matt Pfieffer“Vincent is amazing I would recommend him for home loans to all my friends and family; my cousin also went through him. Thanks for being professional and amazing; you are now apart of my family for life.”

— Charline G.

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Vincent was very knowledgeable and handled everything quickly. He made the whole home loan process extremely easy for us and handled way more than I ever expected relieving me of a lot of stress. I knew I was in good hands and could trust him! Great team all around!

— Katie K

social survey Matt Pfieffer “It was my first time buying a home. I was clueless and frankly a little overwhelmed by what it could entail going forward. Vincent couldn’t have better simplified it for me. I am confident in home buying and financing going forward thanks to Vincent. I’ll definitely be back if I buy again and need financing.”

— Robert L

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Vincent Fiordilino was a great person to work with on our home mortgage. When I became frustrated or didn’t understand certain things, he was always available to answer my questions and to give me peace of mind. Nothing was sugarcoated to make it look good, everything was straight forward and obvious. It was a pleasure working with him.”


— Nicole C

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Vincent was able to get this home loan closed three weeks earlier than he expected he needed to. We did not lose the deal and that was the best thing.”

— Anthony G

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Vincent provided impeccable service, very professional, as well as very attentive to detail and to me as a home mortgage client. I highly recommend him to anyone in the market. Top notch service.”

— Sadia F

social survey Matt Pfieffer “Bottom line… Vinnie always gets the job done. The communication has been excellent, so that has made the mortgage process even more seamless. Vinnie was point blank and honest. Every aspect was as he said it would be. That comes with experience and pride in the outcome for his customers. Great job, and I would recommend him to anyone.

— Peter S

social survey Matt Pfieffer “I wasn’t fully involved in all aspects of the transaction because I was extremely busy at the time, but I believe Vincent did a great job working with me and Bridgette through this process. He did a great job getting us exactly what we wanted, and he went the extra mile to show up to our home loan closing when he didn’t have too. Overall, it was a great experience!”

— Santos C